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My writing roots

The coastal regions of Georgia and South Carolina are rife with black magic and “Hoodoo” originating from West Africa. Bedtime stories are told to keep children in check and root medicine is practiced to keep them safe. I am one of those children, lucky enough to grow up surrounded by Native American relatives who were heavily influenced by our Gullah Geechee extended  family.

Growing up in the South in a world submerged with the occult magnetism of the Geechee fused with the animism of the Cherokee fostered an innate sense of the macabre at a very early age.  So it’s no wonder I get a bit twisted at times in my writing.  It's in me - what can I say!? And it's fun.  It's truly a joy to have the courage to dig deep and pull out your demons by name. I never know what will inspire me to breathe life onto a page. 

My style

I am a supernatural girl and I love a good fright.  I run dark, even when doing comedy.  I lean toward dark worlds with isolated, damaged, yet capable female leads. My inclination toward the dark side of reality touches all my work, though sometimes only slightly. Even though I journey into multiple genres, my main focus is Supernatural Horror/Thrillers. I write features, pilots, shorts and podcasts.

What's happening


  • WAN (Writer's Assistants Workshop) Finalist
  • Page Awards Quarter-Finalist
  • Screencraft Fellowship Semi-Finalist
  • Cinestory Quarter-Finalist (2018)
  • Austin Film Festival Second Rounder 5x
  • Roadmap Writer's Top Tier Contest 2x
  • (see Achievements for full list)

What keeps me motivated:

I am an inspired Top Tier Roadmap Writer and an active 51/50 member with the Academy of Film Writing.


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